By Antonio Guerreschi

In the past 20 years, research activities in the area of Mondeval de Sora (San Vito di Cadore, Belluno) have brought to light testimonies of priceless value. Among these, the findings originating from the site VF1 (Val Fiorentina 1) – a large boulder in the centre of the mountain basin – st

These testimonies, in combination with further archaeological findings in the area between the Passo Giau

Therefore, the conservation of Mondeval




The project liaison between Val Boite

As part  of B.U.D the System Pelmo-Croda Da Lago has its specificity due to morphological, geological characteristics but even to the perception of natural

Lengthened in the direction North-South from the Passo Giau to Monte Penna, this area is a treasure chest that contains very different jewels: from the powerful carbonate massifs of  Monte Cernèra, of The Lastòi, Croda Da Lago, of Monte Pelmo

This territory, in fact, although it is crossed by major tectonic lines (line Selva-Antelao passing right next to the path of the project) shows a succession of layers virtually undisturbed

The complex

The grey white masses of dolomia (Sciliar formation) of the middle

Moving from M. Cernèra we can see in an incomparable way how 232 million years ago, in Ladino, this idyllic l

This dramatic moment in the history of dolomite can be seen in exemplary fashion both from the dark basalt rocks that rest on the Forcella Giau side (in on lap) on the white submarine paleo-eastern slope of Mount Cernèra,

But there’s more! The massive

As if by magic the original architecture of both pre-

Finally the walls of thickly layered light dolomia of Monte Pelmo

Some of the most important fossil localities of the Dolomites

Under the geo-morphological point of view, beyond the extraordinary structural morphologies that depend on the selective agents of erosion on different understatement, should be mentioned the splendid examples of glacial gravity

The geological structure is very complex

Widespread are phenomena of l

Conversely, where a ductile behaviour lithologies (clay-basinal s

Although in this brief summary many details have been omitted, it shows the significant geo-diversity of this area. This is why many scholars, researchers

No coincidence that Unesco judged this area as worthy of being included  in the World Heritage List.

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